By volunteering at CYCLES you learnt valuable skills and develop a career path for future opportunities. You can also give to our cause today and help a young person learn valuable leadership, support group of young people clean the rivers and beaches and help built the self-esteem of a young girl.

Who We Are

The Center for Youth Civic Leadership and Environmental Studies -CYCLES is a community based non-governmental and Civil Society Organization (CSO). We work with young people and communities in the areas of Civic engagement and education, Women and girl’s empowerment, Climate change and the environment, Youth Leadership Development, Advocacy, Peace building, innovation and research.



We at CYCLES – Liberia think globally and act locally, that is why we are keen to ensuring the achievement of the UN sustainable Development Goals and the African Agenda 2063 “the Africa We Want”. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of young people and local communities through activities that are geared towards achieving the UN SDGs,

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