Our Reach

Our work and interventions have expanded form 2 (Two) Counties/ or providences to 5 Counties/ Provinces in over three years.

Youth Environment and Climate Action (YECA) Summit

Key Interventions

Climate change education and Awareness through Eco-Clubs, Town hall Engagements, Radio engagements. Youth-Led Community environmental stewardship interventions

Youth-led legislative policy advocacy engagements on Climate change and Natural Resources Management

Promotion of Youth-led Green initiative through media engagement

Program outcome

150 young people participate in the National Youth Environmental and Climate Action Summit1000 University and High School Students across 5 (Five) counties in Liberia participated in climate change education and trainings (read More)

30 Young people trained as Environmental Stewards are now leading environmental stewardship initiatives in their communities by carrying out community and beach clean-up campaigns

10 Policy advocacy engagements (4 legislative policy engagement held and brought together 6 local communities and legislator), 6 Youth –led roundtable policy advocacy dialogue.